Joining Forces

Thank you for your interest or enrollment in the Axon Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Sharing program! Axon is proud to lead the way in developing AI technology for the public safety community. In this program, enrolled agencies enable Axon to securely access public safety data to train AI models. Developed AI models will then be deployed within Axon products and services in effort to make the public safety community more efficient.

This reference guide provides information on how the Axon AI Data Sharing program operates and responsibilities of both Axon and enrolled agencies within the program. Capitalized terminology may be in direct reference to definitions provided in the Axon Cloud Services Privacy Policy. Axon encourages all of our customers to speak with their local Axon Sales Representative about the opportunities within the Axon AI Data Sharing program.

How the Data Sharing program works

  1. Enroll your agency into the Axon AI Data Sharing Program and establish a Data Development Agreement. Contact your local Axon Sales Representative or to begin.
  2. Once enrollment is finalized, your Axon Evidence ( tenant will be configured to enable Customer Data to be copied into the Axon AI Training Center.
  3. When Customer Data is qualified (see below for Customer Data Qualification Criteria), it is available for copy to the Axon AI Training Center.
  4. Customer Data is sampled from enrolled agencies.
  5. A copy of a sampled Customer Data is created.
  6. Agency and user identifying metadata* is removed from the copied data.
  7. The copy of the Customer Data is transferred to the isolated Axon AI Training Center systems.
  8. Once the copy is transferred, neither Axon Cloud Services systems or the Axon AI Training Center systems can reference data across systems.
  9. Members of the Axon AI Training Center may then view the data and perform tagging or classification tasks, such as selecting visible license plates
  10. The Axon AI Training Center performs research on Customer Data to train and develop AI models.
  11. After the development of sufficient models, the models are deployed within Axon products and services to make the public safety community more efficient.
  12. Copied Customer Data will continue to be utilized within the Axon AI Training Center.

*All images and audio within videos are not manipulated or removed as part of this process. Metadata refers to items such as file name, date/time of file creation, and structured associations to a named officer or agency.

Customer Data Qualification Criteria

As part of the Data Development Agreement, Axon does not, under any circumstance, want to obtain data that the agency believes should not be provided to Axon under such agreement. To support this, Axon has implemented default criteria that must be met before a Customer Data is qualified for transfer to the Axon AI Training Center. Additionally, Customer Data qualification is currently limited in scope to the data types listed below.

Currently Enabled Customer Data Types

*Videos include multimedia contained in a media container and may include metadata such as sensor or time data. Agency and user identifying metadata is removed from the video prior to transfer to the Axon AI Training Center.

note: the currently enabled Customer Data types are subject to change by Axon at anytime within the bounds defined in the Data Development Agreement. Axon will maintain this listing to be reflective of technically implemented data copy and transfer activities.

Default criteria for videos from Axon Cameras

  • Media uploaded via Axon Citizen is excluded
  • Video must be uploaded by a user within the enrolled agency
  • Any video or media shared with an enrolled agency from another Axon Evidence ( agency are excluded
  • The video must be present for at least 14 days within Axon Evidence (
  • The video must not be set to 'Restricted'** within Axon Evidence (

If the default video qualification criteria is not sufficient for your agency needs, please reach out to the Axon AI Research Team ( to ensure your requirements are satisfied.

**Mechanisms for Restricting evidence within Axon Evidence (

Customer Responsibilities

Prior to enrolling in the program:

  • Engage with your community about your intent to enroll in the Axon AI Data Sharing program. Axon encourages community awareness of customer participation in the Axon AI Data Sharing program.
  • Review the default qualification criteria and ensure it aligns with your agency's Axon Evidence ( workflows.
    If the default qualification criteria does not meet your needs, contact Axon ( to develop alternative qualification criteria
  • Assign responsibilities for managing data qualification within Axon Evidence (
  • Educate your users on proper management of data as it relates to data qualification
  • Consider configuration of Axon Evidence ( to meet security best practices as outlined here.

Once Customer Data is transferred to the Axon AI Training Center:

  • The retention policy from the original source data is not applied to the copy in the Axon AI Training Center, the copy may be retained indefinitely by Axon
  • Any applicable audit trail on the original data will not include activities and processing performed against the copy in the Axon AI Training Center
  • Axon and enrolled agencies do not have the capability to identify data within the Axon AI Training Center to support requests for data disclosure or erasure or to prevent future processing of the data within the Axon AI Training Center

Axon's Commitment

Data Processing and Handling

  • Customer Data is only used for training AI models
  • The Axon AI Training Center and Axon AI Data Sharing Program is part of Axon's commitment to compliance with the CJIS Security Policy
  • All Axon personnel with access to Customer Data are enrolled in Axon's CJIS personnel security processes
  • Customer Data will only be reviewed by members of the Axon AI Training Center for annotation and members of the Axon Research team for quality assurance
  • Axon will never externally share, publish, or post Customer Data shared within the Axon AI Data Sharing program
  • Customer Data will not be used for any purpose other than for those outlined in the Data Development Agreement

Data Security

  • Axon's Information Security Program is implemented for systems, processes, and people that directly support the Axon AI Training Center and Axon AI Data Sharing Program, including the implementation of logical and physical access management, vulnerability management, configuration management, incident monitoring and response, encryption of videos, security education, risk management, and data protection
  • Customer Data is stored and accessed within secure facilities located in the contiguous United States
  • Learn more about Axon's commitments to data protection

Ethics in AI

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does AI need data to 'train'?
AI technologies learn by being exposed to thousands of examples; whether the AI is being trained to identify animals in photographs or automatically transcribe spoken word, the more examples, the better. Similar to humans, AI learns by being “shown” examples of what an animal looks like through photographs. After being exposed to thousands upon thousands of examples, it is able to pick up on the nuances to be able to distinguish one thing from another or understand how people might pronounce words differently.

Why does Axon need data from public safety customers for their training data?
As with any industry, there are challenges specific to public safety that you will not find in any other domain. This is why it is so important to teach Axon's AI models industry specific tasks and nuances. The only way to do that is by using real world public safety data so that Axon's AI technologies are tuned for the public safety domain.

What activities occur in the Axon AI Training Center?
Axon personnel will view Customer Data (for example, videos), or portions of data and identify when things happen on screen. Some of these things include (1) determining high level topics such as differentiating between a traffic stop and a pursuit and (2) identifying granular concepts like an officer walking to a stopped vehicle. Axon personnel identify and annotate items and actions within videos so that Axon's AI training technology can learn from the human annotation. The AI model is developed based on this human input.

If there are videos that contain negative events (e.g. poor officer behavior) will Axon disclose this information to the public or back to the agency?
No, Axon is committed to not disclosing, discussing, or further mentioning videos or Customer Data shared within the Axon AI Data Sharing program. All team members that have access to Customer Data are enrolled in Axon's CJIS personnel security processes and have executed a strict non-disclosure agreement.

Are there impacts to the Chain of Custody for Videos if an agency enrolls in this program?
No, as part of this program, agencies permit Axon to copy certain data stored within their Axon Evidence ( tenant into a separate location to enable Axon to train AI models. At all times, the original data remains in the agency’s custody and control.

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