Tampere: Axon center of excellence for Imaging and Camera R&D

In early 2018 Axon recruited group of imaging experts and established imaging focused R&D site to Tampere, Finland. The team has currently 11 members, all with strong background on various aspects of mobile imaging and camera products. Teams expertise ranges from deep insides of the camera hardware to the image processing, AR/VR and product development, which all goes together to perfect the quality of evidence captured by our products around the world.

At Axon Tampere we strive to innovate together, share and learn from one to another and drive the technology to form new amazing products and solutions.


Kalevantie 2, 33100 Tampere, Finland
We are located in the hearth of the city, between the railway station and Tampere university.


Our spacious office is designed to provide optimal conditions for work, but at the same time relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the life during and after the work.


Team outings, discretionary PTO, competitive everything and the best colleagues on top of that.