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Police officers are in the field in all weather and for long periods and, at times, their work will involve chasing people and physical confrontation. It follows that their equipment must be durable, comfortable and unobtrusive to wear and seamlessly fit into their working lives. Achieving these goals requires an innovative product design and an obsession with seemingly small details. It’s the kind of work that Kevin Coles thrives on. He’s a product designer, who has been devising and manufacturing the accessories and mounts for Axon products used by the country’s police forces. Here he gives five observations on what most influences his team’s work. · The devil is in the detail · Considering all eventualities · It’s all about empathy · What is design thinking? · Taking a holistic approach to design

The dilemma of working for a “weapon manufacturing company”

I interviewed with Axon for a product manager role to develop services for body-worn cameras for police officers. At that time, I had not thought about the fact that Axon is the company responsible for TASER conductive electrical weapons (CEWs). A few weeks after starting my new role, I was offered the additional responsibility of developing services for TASER CEWs. At that moment, I was hit with a moral and ethical dilemma. I was working for a weapon manufacturing company and would be on the team that makes TASER CEWs.

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