Officer Safety Plan

Create a Network Effect

Leverage the power of the Axon network to keep officers and communities safer and save critical budget by bundling our products and services. Officer Safety Plans provide your agency with next-generation devices – like TASER 7 and Axon Body 3. And they create process efficiencies by having devices and evidence management tools work seamlessly with officer-centric Axon Records – a new, innovative records management system that comes bundled with Officer Safety Plan 7+.

Officer Safety Plan also help to minimize the roadblocks often encountered during procurement by helping to install more budget predictability – all while making sure your officers are outfitted with the most advanced public safety technology available.

OSP Standard

Receive a TASER X2 or TASER X26P, an Axon Body 2**, Axon Flex 2, or an Axon Body 3**, and unlimited Axon Evidence (*


Receive a TASER 7, an Axon Body 3 (with real-time features)**, and unlimited Axon Evidence (*.

OSP 7 Plus

Receive a TASER 7, an Axon Body 3 (with real-time features)**, unlimited Axon Evidence (*, Axon Records, Auto-Tagging Services, Axon Performance, Axon Citizen for Communities, Redaction Assistant, and Axon Signal Sidearm.

*unlimited Axon Evidence now includes camera and dock refreshes every 2.5 years for the life of the contract.
** Please note cameras and docks are an upfront purchase.

Benefits of Bundling

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